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Hold onto your sleigh bells, Christmas is coming. That means it’s time for me to not only wish all of you a Merry Christmas but take this opportunity to thank all of you once again for allowing us to work for you. All our ‘strong, silent type’ guys feel the same and would pass on their appreciation for opportunities you provide if they weren’t so strong and silent.


Whether or not we see rain this winter, California has been jolted (finally) into water conservation mode. We took out many lawns in 2015 and replaced them with landscapes of flagstone, pavers or rock walls or shrubs on drip systems. Next year will bring more of the same conversions, so get a jump on what will be a hectic year for us by planning ahead if you think you will pulling out the old lawn for something more appropriate. One benefit to hardscapes ( besides requiring zero water) is that they can be useful for outdoor activities and entertaining. They last a long time and require minimum maintenance.


A few lucky guys will be escaping the frost this month for the balmy breezes of central Mexico. Juvenal and Rogelio Gutierrez will be taking their families to La Union de Guadalupe. Juv needs to check out the avocado tree in his courtyard. His parents water it, but may have harvested the fruit as well. Payback Juv, don’t fuss. Rene Almejo will visit San Andres, a little town 10 miles or so down the hillside from La Union in the valley near Ciudad Guzman. Every frosty morning, the rest of the freezing gang left up north will think envious thoughts of our avocado eating compadres basking in the warm southern sun.


It’s not only the 40 of us landscapers who thank all of you. Don’t forget our calico yard cat who indirectly is overfed by your keeping us in business. I thought Vagabundo was a boy. Shows I am a dog person. Calicos I am told are almost always female. She’s definitely stopped wandering and now lives on our doorsteps, although during the day she may waddle backs towards our neighbor, the Montini’s dairy. She shows up immediately after the guys leave in the evening and after a substantial breakfast evaporates like magic when they arrive in the morning. You’ll be happy to know that not only is she plump and happy, but loves to be petted and handled. Fortunately for the mouse that occasionally forays into the office to check our accounting, ‘Bunda’ hasn’t the slightest interest in pretending to work for her keep and Mickey gets a free pass. I guess it’s all for the best and in the spirit of good will towards. tis the season. Merry Christmas

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