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Only Gerardo (Jerry to most of you) is still working on his tan in sunny Mexico. Juvenal and family returned from La Union de Guadalupe with nothing but good news. Even the avocado tree in Juv's courtyard is loaded with fruit. Judging from the weight he gained over the vacation, his wife Luz was feeding him a lot of guacamole. OK. OK. The busy season is looming. Time to work off those extra pounds.

Talking about the busy season, be sure to have us finish all of the rose and fruit tree pruning. Ornamental grasses and perennials should be cut back too. This is also a good time to get any of the repairs and upgrades you have been thinking about. Everything from lighting to irrigation can be handled now.  This will take a little of the burden off of us in the busy months of March and April. When the Iphones begin blasting out their musical ringtones 30 times a day, we'll be dancing to a much faster drummer.

If you're like me, you've hit the limit of patience on the unending saga of the leaf blower issue. It's more complicated (fill in the most complicated math course here) back in my UC Davis student days. I even begin to nod off writing about it again. But before I slip into a catatonic state , one last note. Since the City Council can't stop tossing the issue around like the old hot potato, it's probably time to bring it to a vote, let the people decide and move on. Jerry Marino is collecting signatures to bring the "to ban or not to ban" question up on the November ballot. If you reside in Sonoma and want to see this voted upon, Jerry can be reached at 707-996-8146 or chickenjer@comcast.net  .

After the vote, we can move in the direction the majority chooses and get back to the things that really matter around here, like perfecting Luz's guacamole recipe.

Happy gardening to everyone.



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