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We are a full service Sonoma Valley landscape company equipped for any residential or commercial project, large or small.  Our services include consultation to full design, through construction, and regular maintenance.  We also provides one-time cleanups, garden renovations, high weed mowing, and emergency irrigation repairs.

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Start Your Sprinklers

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Ramon and Nacho Navarro, Raffa, Dan and Juvenal recently made it back to Sonoma after winter visits to Mexico. The lure of the big burritos must have overcome their will power because they all not only looked well rested but a little plumper as well. They must have lost site of the 'portion control' element of their diets. All of them downplay this ‘temporary’ gain as an aberration that a few weeks of hard work will put right. Ramon tells me the weather in Llano, Michoacan is exceptionally warm. Juvenal reports the avocado crop around La Union (a couple hundred miles from Ramon’s home in the neighboring state of Jalisco) is spectacular. Many new avocado orchards are being planted in mountainous area around La Union. Juv’s brother Conrado, who worked with us a few years ago, is now employed planting these trees. Gerardo and Pablo are still wintering in the southland enjoying unlimited guacamole. They should be back next month to fill out (no pun intended) our crews in preparation for the busy season.

            The weather has been so dry and warm that Jose’s installation team has been working continuously. There is usually a lull this time of year because the ground is so muddy not much can be done. The maintenance men have also been busy. They are fertilizing lawns like it is spring, and going crazy setting and resetting irrigation clocks. This hasn’t been the case since the drought of the seventies. If you monitor your own timers, water about once a week until the rain reappears. The lawns and plants need to be kept moist to protect them from frost damage. If you need help, Juvenal can take care of any irrigation details. He might as well begin trouble-shooting systems now to keep from getting overwhelmed in the spring rush.

            My wife, Marcie, is so involved with so many local groups like Kiwanis, Willmar, Vintage House and the Community Center, that I finally had to get into the spirit and volunteer to drive one day a month for Vintage House’s LIMO program to assuage my guilty conscience. There’s nothing like someone else’s good example to motivate a person into action. Anyway, the service involves driving seniors who need rides to  non-medical appointments or just to get the shopping done. Beverly Odell runs the program. If you think you might like to be a volunteer driver, she can be reached at Vintage House, 996-0311. There are 52 drivers now, and I noticed some of them (you know who you are Betty, Dee, Bob etc.) are regular Waldron Landscape clients. I hope I’m not wasting newsletter space preaching to the choir. I also noticed that to qualify as a senior to obtain rides, one must be over 60. Since I fall into that age category myself, the program could be called ‘Seniors Driving Seniors’, but that sounds pretty scary. LIMO is a much, much better moniker.


Moving into 2012

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            When I began writing newsletters in December 1999, the world was about to end with the onset of the Y2K worldwide computer meltdown, which was set for 1-1-2000. You can now breathe a sigh of relief. Apparently we are good for the time being, at least where computers are concerned. You will also note that after a brief decade of patient waiting, we have jumped into the digital world with both feet. Notice our email and web site listed above. The website is a work in progress, but the email is being used more and more. Windy, at Premier Business Services, says that she can bill you via email. If you would like your billing done this way, send her your email address on the part of your statement that you return with your check and she’ll set it up.

            At the end of each year I look back and get the same feelings. One is amazement that everything went as well as it did. The other is thankfulness for all of you, our wonderful clients who support us year after year. It’s hard to believe, but some of you have been regulars since the 1970’s. I’m sure I speak for the guys as well. They realize how lucky they are to have you, especially in the difficult economy of the past few years. When one of the maintenance men, Kiko, thanked me for his Christmas bonus last week, I told him that next year I hoped to double it. He shrugged, smiled and told me he was happy to have steady work. Now we’re talking more than lucky: great clients and great employees. That really makes it all worthwhile. We want to send all of you not only our gratitude, but the very best wishes for the holiday season and 2012.

            Computers aren’t the only things getting more sophisticated these days. The low voltage lighting arena is becoming much easier to install and maintain. This is mainly due to LED lights which at 1.5 watts, draw little power, require smaller wire and last far longer than higher wattage bulbs. The cost of the transformer drops as well giving the homeowner the option of using more lights. The LED bulbs are more expensive, but make up for their initial cost with longevity and electricity savings. My brother Dan has been doing more of this kind of work for us lately. Depending on the situation, lights can be operated remotely (same idea as a garage door opener) so owners can turn on the system from the car, or connected to a light switch in the house. Dan is Mr. Technical, but Jose and I not only like the functional use of lighting, but the artistic aspect as well, such as up lighting trees and creating a garden that is really pretty at night.

            I think I have finally gotten the right food for my picky cat Slimfast. It’s the expensive (naturally) cans of chipped turkey followed by a beef flavored kibble called Temptations, that I get at Safeway. Slim sleeps at the foot of the bed peacefully until 5am when he moves to a spot halfway up the stairwell. That’s about the time I get up. As soon as he sees me, he begins his operatic arias which stop only when his portion is placed in front of his overactive nose. He’s happy and I’m happy, especially when he stops singing in that high-pitched voice and starts to munch. Enough of Caruso. Thanks again for all you do for us here at landscape central.  

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