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We are a full service Sonoma Valley landscape company equipped for any residential or commercial project, large or small.  Our services include consultation to full design, through construction, and regular maintenance.  We also provides one-time cleanups, garden renovations, high weed mowing, and emergency irrigation repairs.

We are fully insured and licensed in landscape architecture, construction and maintenance.
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Yes,  it's that time again when the shortest day of the year arrives just before the first day of the new year. So , of course, Merry Christmas and a prosperous  and happy 2019 from all of us here at Waldron Landscape.

Speaking of Waldron Landscape, it will go through a big transition on January 15,2019 when I transfer ownership of the company to Jose Hernandez. Jose has been the general manager for over 15 years and is prepared and eager to move ahead. My brother Dave and I started the business in August of 1974. We had a good time nurturing the business along and are proud to be turning it over to a loyal employee.

I speak for both Dave and myself  when I thank all of you for being our customers. Neither one of us ever had a work day that we didn't look forward to with joy and anticipation. You've made for a wonderful 45 year run. I'm also extremely proud of Jose for his eagerness to take over from me and to keep up the same company philosophy which has stressed fair treatment of both you and our employees. Juvenal Gutierrez  will remain as our resident irrigation specialist, Rafael Casillas maintenance manager, Octavio Hernandez installation manager, and our new hire from earlier this year Luis Hernandez will handle the office duties. And we can't forget all of our other hard working gardeners who take care of your properties.

Now that I will be retiring, I won't sign off with some lame line like ' Old gardeners never die, they just spade away'. No way, I'd never do that, but I will once again wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2019.



October 2018 Training Session




The guys got the summer season off to a good start with an after work Memorial Day party at the yard. There was plenty of tacos, beer, soda and a chance to relax and catch up with everyone. It's not often they all gather at once. The Gutierrez brothers Juvenal, Jesus, and Luis told me their mother Dona Chuy and her 94 year old father , Gregorio,. had just spent a couple of weeks here visiting their kids and grandkids. Our long time employee,  Martin de la Cruz, is Dona Chuy's  brother. Dona Chuy's given name is Jesus, but since her husband had the same name, she's always been called Dona Chuy. Gregorio got a little bored with the lack of activity, so one of his sons, a local gardener, put him to work weed whacking. At home he keeps busy with his corn field, which he works without machinery.

As most of you know, Juvenal is our irrigation expert. He's one of the best around and has a special talent for diagnosing problems quickly, even on complicated systems often put in by various owners over decades. These systems sometimes defy logic and almost everything is buried. Since Juv needs to carry a large stock of parts, pipes and pieces and generally works alone, we need to raise his hourly repair rated to $60. This only applies to irrigation work. No other areas like maintenance will be affected.

Our calico yard cat, Vagabunda, stopped eating a couple of weeks ago and hunkered down in her little den under the office. We kept pushing food and water bowls near her, but she ignored them. Finally, she came out stiff and thin. I got her to eat a little and was able to put her in a pet container and get her to Dr. Palermo. V is not overly friendly and only lets me pet her when I feed her, but once in hand, she's gentle and will allow me to comb her and put flea repellant on her neck. Dr. Palermo has had her about a week now, trying to build up her strength and diagnose her. She's about 15 years old and has some kidney issues. Putting her back at the yard looks like a bad idea given her age and condition. Five years of greeting us every morning will be something we'll miss. One of our friends has agreed to give her a good indoor home.

Gregorio can still muscle the weedeater in the dry fields. He must have a secret that only those from Gregorio's little village, La Union de Guadalupe, know about. I like to keep up with all the health research on exercise and good eating habits and bugged Juv to at least let me in on the secret. Finally, after shrugging off my inquiries, he broke down and gave it up. I'm a generous sort, so I'll not hoard the information. Here it is according to Juv: Gregorio enjoys a cigarette with his tequila. That's it! I'm never drinking almond milk again. At least not without a cigarette!







Around here the new year seems to kick off with the return of our men from Mexico. Pablo and Gerardo will soon be back north to  bring us to our full strength of 42 employees. A welcome sight and much needed boost, since installations are already booked solid through May. It's great to see everyone together again trading stories of winter months spent at home with family. Pablo's wife Flor will once again take over caring for the small herd of cattle on their 'Rancho California' just outside La Union de Guadalupe, home of 12 other employees. Gerardo may be delayed until March 15 to spend a little extra time with his 90 year old father who is in the hospital.

As the company has grown over the decade, we have spent some effort organizing our company, giving the managers specific responsibilities and trying to streamline the increasing amount of paperwork that has come about, not only from our growth, but increased government and insurance requirements. To help us, we'd like you to call the 996-5868 number. This way we can efficiently direct your calls to the right manager. We also ask you to call at least one day in advance of your requests. It's often impossible to relay information to the men in the field immediately, since they're often out of cell range. If you have an emergency such as an irrigation leak, use the 996-5868 where even after hours the numbers of the managers are available. Avoid texting if possible.

It doesn't seem possible that 44 years ago my brother Dave started Waldron Landscaping. He lacked almost everything but an old 1964 GMC truck with hand painted signs. He didn't buy a lawn mower until he landed the maintenance of a fledgling winery in Kenwood called Chateau St Jean. The mower didn't even have a bag, but since the lawn at the winery was small and so full gopher holes, it didn't make much difference. Today, the bags on our commercial mower cost 5 times as much as his first mower. No matter. It's time for another season of good gardening and we're all fresh and ready to tackle it once again. Thanks for being on the journey with us, and remember to call early!